The Ferryman Poetics by Alexander Hanzlik





I can live in complacency,

Safe, tucked away from the flame of true intimacy

Numb, immune to the Fire

A Distant, faded will, with jaded desire


I have yet another choice,

which Life hath presented to me

It is to Listen to a voice,

A Voice pleading to be set free


I have been warned

That the Path is hewn with thorns

Few have what it takes to be reborn

But I stand firm, I choose to burn

Yes, I stand firm

I will burn


What I have heard, from inside

One can invoke the Divine

I call the Jaguar, The Serpent, and The Wind

To Ferry me to the other side


I drink the cup of The Holy Grail

Eternal Life is what I seek

Leaving behind the illusion,

I call my Master







The Journey Begins Here

I am calling forth any fear

Too long have I been enslaved by doubt

I am calling my fears to come out


I conjure the element of Fire,

Oh, The element of Fire


Burning Fire, Sleeps inside of me

Wake up, Wake up, Inner Fire, Rise and be Free

Cleanse this house, Wash my eyes so I can see

Rise Burning Fire, 

Awaken Me


Fear can no longer hide

I have invoked the Hunter inside

The Fire leaves no stone unturned

Every last bit of fear is burned




My Life is now a sacrificial Fire

There is no need to climb higher

My only desire is for this fire,

Oh, for this burning inner fire





The Ferryman


The Ferryman extends his hand

Am I ready to travel to a foreign land?

The air is cold, the Night is Black

Now there is no turning back


Up ahead, in the distance I see

A pair of Amber eyes staring at me

Now, I remember the fire

Hunting me in the form of a cat


Oh Ferryman, where are you taking me?

Why do I feel such intensity?

My vision has changed

and I want to go home

But now, I am so, so alone


I know there is no turning back

I have crossed a threshold, I have broken through the crack

And now I don’t feel so well, my mind is on fire,

I am on the edge of hell


My thoughts are extreme,

I cannot rest in this dream

Oh Lord, What have I done?

I have called the Fire of the Blazing Sun






Dark Night


I feel lost, 

there are dark memories inside of me

I am overwhelmed, 

I am in agony


There is nothing more to do,

What more can I say?

I  have only one choice,

And that is to pray


Oh Fire, Fire of the Light

Can you help me make it?

Make it through this Night

I have reached the end, 

The end of my fight

Please help me now, Fire

Fire of the Light


Oh Mother, I am locked in a prison

The prison, I know, is my mind

Unlock these doors of perception,

I know nothing anymore, I am blind


My spine is on Fire

There is energy in my head

I don’t know if I can stand this,

I may be left for dead




Something is stirring inside of me

Something that is countering this intensity

My emotions have reached a peak,

I feel water seeping in through my feet

A tsunami is rising, cooling the wild flame

I feel a presence, heading towards open sea,

I feel a cool flame,

The healing waters of Yemanja,

Soothing all my pain




The Ferryman and I reached open sea

I cannot describe the relief in me

What I asked for, I received

Now I will ask with more humility





Staff of Power


Late is now the hour,

The Ferryman holds his Staff of Power

We are now crossing the open Sea

No Land in Sight,

The end of the blackest Night,

The full moon has reached its’ peak


I remember the Cup of Life

Medicine from the Tree

I feel the Holy Grail

Working Magic inside of Me


My mind is being upgraded now

Downloading the Wisdom of the Owl

I can see clearly now

I have finally shed my skin


Time passes and I see

The Sun rising from behind the Sea

The Ferryman is lost from sight

He has gifted me a piece of the Light


The ferryman extends his hand

Pointing towards an approaching land

An island in the middle of the Sea

And in my mind I hear a faint melody


The sand is soft beneath my feet

This stage of the Journey is complete

I now feel the earth calling me

To ground myself in an emerging reality


I need to be deeply alone,

I realize that my mind is a slave

I will retreat into an empty cave





The Cave


I move into the forest

I must find shelter now

A solitary place, to feel the earth

A nest in the Forest,

A container for my rebirth


Up ahead I see a cave,

It is time to no longer be a slave

I enter the earth’s womb

I am ready to enter my tomb


Cold, Darkest Night 

I will remain, invoking the Light

I stand firm in my place

Until my demonic thoughts leave,

Without a trace





Oh, Mother


In the cave, I dwell

Vacillating between heaven and hell

Ruminating thoughts, round and round,

And oh no, now I am going down


Oh, Mother, I cry for you now

My fears surround me, I am fear

Oh, don’t come near

I am fear

All that I touch is cursed,

What is happening to me?

Again, I feel I may burst


Oh, oh!  I cannot deal

I spin round and round on the endless wheel

One moment of piercing clarity,

The next bringing unbearable intensity


I am a baby

In a mature body

I can barely see

Where am I?

God, I can only cry, cry cry

I long for my daddy

Where is my mommy?

I feel inconsistent, manic,

Right on the edge of a panic


With this pain I endured,

in my cave I sat, undisturbed

Memories of all my years,

Crazy, irrational fears,

Burning, endless tears,

Is this how I will live our my years?


At least I feel my strength,

Through endurance, I can see my weight

I will not give up this fight

Even with unbearable fright

I will learn to sustain the Light


In my cave, I sit

The Grail has brought me into this pit

Grasping, thinking, breathing, 

Maybe the medicine is cleaning







In one fowl swoop

An Owl shrieked above my rocky roof

His prey no longer has choice,

Stunned by claws and Voice


I relate to that tiny thing

I am a victim of my brain

I need help from above

Please send me a gift of Love


With this I felt yet another shift

The air no longer stiff

And then I felt a strange presence

Something I remember, a resonance


I remembered those amber eyes

Hunting me, seeking me as a Prize

I am lonely, fresh meat

A tasty morsel, a yummy treat


With Grace comes certain tests

Designed to promote unrest

Unrest for the contemporary mind

Bringing transformation for the blind


Be prepared to face your fears

The Black Jaguar is drawing near

There is nowhere left to hide

The Volcano erupts inside





Jaguar of Jagube





Black Cat


My fingers feel like claws

I can see in the dark,

I can see through walls

There is a hunter inside of me

A New Friend

A strange new intimacy


I no longer feel alone

Doesn’t matter where,

I feel at home

Deeper into the cave will I go

I have no fear of the unknown

What am I?

The question arises with curiosity


What I thought I was, there is more

Misidentified, there is more

I am the cat, we are one

It has occurred underneath the Sun

An Ancient process occurred to me

I have been through the process of Alchemy





Soul Retrieval


I move deeper into the Cave

My amber eyes have lightning gaze

There is much left to achieve

Deeper cleaning before I can leave


No trace is left behind

Deeper into the Cave I go

yet now my confidence holds

Old fears replaced with a new flow


Into the Earth I go

This time, Very, very slow

I am seeking to retrieve my Soul

Scattered parts, trapped below

With a little help from my friend

I seek to fuse these parts into a Whole






Didjeridoo, Deep Shamanic Journey, Double Drumming





Full Circle


The inner territory is profound

It keeps going, down, down, down

No sense of day nor night

Yet up ahead, I sense a faint Light


What seems to be endlessly black

Has led me to a small crack

The Light penetrates the Night

Oh, Yeah–My Soul is ready to take flight


What seemed to be endless Night

Has led me full circle, 

Back to the Light

It is always this way,

I see

Although this was not taught to me

This Fear is dissolved,

Retribution is my identity





The Song of The Ancients


The Song of The Ancients

Our umbilical Chord

Has not been forgotten

It is being restored


Life long forgotten

Beneath the Ashes of Storm

Through this song I conjure the Ancients

Their Blood is being reborn


We have all been held in slavery

I cannot describe the Rage in Me

Or food, our music, our mentors

Full of black poison

injected into our earliest years

Invasive Cancer multiplying our fears

Who can survive in such cruelty?

Prisons, punishment, zombied slavery!

Television, Education–

A Purposeful deconstruction of our natural inclinations


But I am strong, I can see

I see your attempts at brainwashing me

The Truth of the Situation runs Deep

Seeing it, I can no longer sleep

But I will not fight,

Nor will I hide

I am determined to retreat inside





The Power of A Song


I can return to my cave, and wait

When I hear it, I will sing it

The Ancient invocations being revealed to me

Revealing my Destiny

Unlocking Secret Recipes


I am waging war

But of a Subtler kind

My war is Simple

I am detoxifying my mind


There is no enemy

No one out there

No one to blame

And I see a way through this wicked, endless shame


I invoke the Ancients

They know what must be done

What many don’t know, 

Is the Power of a Song





Papaya Farms Road



I remember the Good Ol’ Days behind me

Down on Old Papaya Farms Road

Living in a Jungle Bungalow

Chilling and tokin’ in a coconut grove


The Good Ol’ Days 

Would find me

Taking my time, 

Each and Every Day

Listening to the Voice of the Forest

And resting in the Waves of the Sea


Oh, Papaya Farms Road

There are stories that you have never told

On your Road, I may grow old

Safe and tucked away from the terribly toxic world


Life here is another dimension

We were protected by an Ancient tradition

In the Jungle, in the coconut grove

We discovered the art of cooking on a stove

With guitars, hibiscus and the Queen

A Sacred Marriage was performed inside of me




With Fire, Water, Air and the Earth

We were midwives for the Queen’s Sacred Birth

The Cup of Life

Medicine from the Tree

In that time the Holy Grail was set free





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